Ways We Can Reduce Social Prejudice

Earth Day 2019
Photo taken during New Bern’s Earth Day Celebration 2019

People from across our country are mourning the killing of George Floyd. Many of us have seen the horrific footage of him taking his last breaths as the Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin, pressed his knee on his neck and suffocated George Floyd to death.

The public outcry over George Floyd’s death has led to citizens assembling across the country as they exercise their First Amendment rights. The majority of the demonstrations have been peaceful. People of all races are declaring illegal use of deadly force against George Floyd during his arrest. They want justice for him and other black people who have died in police custody. They are also protesting the inequities throughout the justice system along with social and economic disparities.

Depending on where you get your news, there’s a lot of speculation of who is causing property damage. The President claims it’s Antifa, but his history of truth telling has been sketchy. For example, during the White House COVID-19 Task Force Briefing on April 24, 2020, he suggested using disinfectant as a treatment for the virus. See it for yourself by watching the video, Courtesy of the Associated Press. State Officials believe out of town agitators are behind the civil unrest. Who do you believe?

Although politics should not have anything to do with the killing of George Floyd, there is no way to avoid bringing up the inflammatory and divisive rhetoric by the President of the United States. We already have enough suffering during the pandemic with over 1,811,360 people infected, the loss of 105,165 lives, 38 million people unemployed, and who knows how many businesses are closed. He should be leading us, by focusing on what he can do to help America, not divide us.

Please, take some time to self-reflect and think about what prejudices you have. It’s not something to be proud of, but we all have preconceived opinions that aren’t based on an actual experience. Whether it’s based on skin tone, gender, sexual preference, or other biases, the first step is being aware and asking yourself why.

Get to know people who are outside of your circle. Step outside our comfort zone and have conversations with people from all walks of life.

I believe the only way we can improve ourselves and stop the hatred is to start conversations. Listen to understand, not to respond. Try to understand where others are coming from.

Remember the Golden Rule. Treat others like you would want to be treated.

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Wendy Card