Tryon Palace Donates Gloves, Masks to CarolinaEast Health Systems

Donation of Personal Protective Equipment
L – R: Alyson Rhodes Murphy, Director of Collections, Tryon Palace; Richard Baker, Conservator, Tryon Palace; and Jill Thompson, CarolinaEast Health

New Bern, NC – Tryon Palace donated personal protective equipment (PPE) to CarolinaEast Health Systems in New Bern Wednesday. The donation of 4,000 disposable nitrile gloves and 50 N-95 masks is made in an effort to aid healthcare staff in the battle against COVID19 in Craven County

Following Governor Roy Cooper’s recent executive orders, Tryon Palace is closed to the public, and most staff is teleworking or working in isolation. With the changes in operations, PPE use daily by museum staff for staff and artifact protection will go unused until the Palace reopens.

“Tryon Palace is happy to donate to CarolinaEast what we have in our museum collection supplies inventory, as they will be at the front lines of the COVID19 crisis in Craven County,” said Alyson Rhodes-Murphy, Director of Collections, Tryon Palace. “We want our PPE to go where it can help the most locally.”

Collection staff at Tryon Palace use masks and gloves to protect staff and artifacts during handling and cleaning. “Through the course of object evaluation and cleaning, collection staff can be exposed to items that are hazardous to their health, including those contaminated with mold, droppings and insect frass,” Rhodes-Murphy said. “N-95s protect staff from inhaling spores or particles that could make them ill.” Gloves also protect staff in a similar way, while additionally protecting artifacts from body oils that could damage collection items.

“There is a global shortage of crucial PPE that helps protect our frontline healthcare workers and our patients,” said Jim Davis, Chief Nursing Officer, CarolinaEast Health System. “We are beyond grateful for Tryon Palace’s generous donation, as well as many other community members who have reached out to help support us during this unprecedented time.”

Submitted by: Regina Ochoa, Tryon Palace Media Contact and CarolinaEast Health Systems Media Contact, Brandy Popp