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CarolinaEast Rehab Hospital “Social Hour”

CarolinaEast Rehab Staff

CarolinaEast Rehabilitation Hospital staff has come up with creative ways to keep their patients and staff entertained and spirits lifted during the current no visitor policy in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CarolinaEast Rehab Social Hour

They have implemented a weekly “Social Hour” in which their patients remain socially distanced in their doorways while staff come around with snacks, “mocktails” and games (think BINGO and trivia) with upbeat music playing in the background. Rehab patients and staff are making the most of a less than ideal situation and encourage others to take a moment to just relax and have fun!

CarolinaEast Rehab Social Hour

Submitted by: Brandy Popp, Manager, Public Relations and Outreach, CarolinaEast Health System