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Handmade Cloth Masks and Face Coverings

Laura Johnson

When people need help, others step up to fill the needs!

The need: Masks to help people reduce the risk of spreading or getting the Coronavirus. Some people may have never sewn before, especially face masks. Now they’ve mastered the craft and are donating them to healthcare workers, first responders, and others in need. We applaud you for making a difference!

On April 3, 2020, the White House COVID-19 Task Force recommended that everyone should wear cloth face coverings in public settings.

Whether you feel healthy or if you’re sick, please wear a cloth face mask/covering to help reduce the spread.

Having to go shopping for essentials yesterday, I had two very different experiences!

First stop, Piggly Wiggly on Simmons Street. Entering the store, every employee I saw was were wearing cloth face masks. There were three other shoppers wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing. I felt safe as everyone was taking precautions.

Then I went to another store. I’ve been shopping there for fifteen years and was surprised as I was the only one wearing a face mask. The three employees looked at me with concern. I told them that I was wearing it out of precaution and one of them said, “I thought you were about to rob us”. I don’t know if he was kidding or not. They either didn’t get the message or they don’t feel the importance of protecting each other or their customers.

If you are one of many people who are making cloth masks/face coverings and want to donate them to those who need them, please send us an email and we’ll list your contact information in this article.

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Thank you!

Wendy Card