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Garden at NC Cooperative Extension - Craven County
Garden at NC Cooperative Extension – Craven County

Now more than ever, people want to read uplifting stories!

Word of mouth news and other stories can only go so far, especially on social media. Let’s use Facebook for an example. There’s a lot of opinions about how long posts show up in news feeds from marketing experts. The bottom line…unless you pay to boost the post, the average lifespan of a post is between 3 – 6 hours. Of course, there are posts that have content that goes viral, but how often has that happened to you?

We can help you spread your message, for free! All we ask is that the information is educational, enlightening, enriching, or entertaining to our audience.

You can also join our Team as a Contributing Author and your bio and photo will be added to our “About Us” page. This is a great way to provide valuable information and become known for your work. We team up with like minded people to deliver information for the greater good of our community.

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Wendy Card