Free Online Career Planning Available for Eastern NC High School Students and Their Parents

Student Career Path Planning ProgramStudent Career Path Planning Offering Free Services For 30 Days

Winston-Salem, NC – Eastern North Carolina high school students and parents now have the opportunity to turn some of their new-found time together into something positive and rewarding by opening the conversation about life after high school.

The North Carolina based developers of the Student Career Path Planning Program believe they can help students and parents make the most of all those hours they are spending at home by offering their online program for free for 30 days.

A $350 value, the program was designed to help answer many of the questions high schoolers and parents have about the future. It helps students learn more about themselves, so they can put together a plan to get where they want to go while working with their parents and a career coach.

“This is for parents and students. It can help them have really great conversations while they are spending more time together than usual these days,” said Cathie Clarkson, program director and coach. “It’s an opportunity to help them put this time together to good use; to actually gain some momentum on the student’s path to the future.

“That plan may involve college, vocational school, the military or something else altogether, but until a teenager begins to understand some basic truths about themselves, they may end up somewhere they don’t want to be.”

The Student Career Path Planning Program helps a student determine the path that works best for them. It has them look at their strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses and helps them discover things about themselves that will help them create a path for success.

The program includes online courses with easy-to-understand lessons, videos, assessments, activities and live, real-time coaching. Parallel parent curriculum helps everyone develop common language for conversations and decisions for the future.

More information and registration for the complimentary Student Career Path Planning Program can be found at Once registration is complete, users will have full access to all online classes and can register for one real-time virtual personal career coaching session.

About Student Career Path Planning:
A program of Associates for Professional Development, the Student Career Path Planning Program is tool designed for high school and/or college students to develop direction and clarity for their future after graduation. Designed by North Carolina-based career-transition coaches, the program teaches self-awareness and personal development while helping both students and parents navigate the multitude of options, needs and struggles. Together with personal coaching, the tools within the Student Career Path Planning Program leads students to their desired career trajectory and on the way to reaching their goals. For more information visit,, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Submitted by: Erin McCloskey,