Dental Emergencies: New Bern Dentists Impacted by COVID-19

Kincaid & Purvis Family Dentistry
Kincaid & Purvis Family Dentistry (Photo taken before COVID-19)

If you have a dental emergency, you need to know that our local Dental practices have been negatively affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Bradley Adkins told us, “Most general dentistry offices are probably furloughed (staff is not working). We do listen for emergencies. We are not equipped for the COVID-19 environment which is part of the problem and we’re still waiting for guidance on how to best address that. In the meanwhile, we are coordinating with a local oral surgeon who is staying open as well as an endodontist. For anybody who needs dental attention, they should still call their dentist and we will certainly help triage and find the best way to get folks seen as needed”.

If you don’t have a dentist, we’ve identified those who are accepting New Patients with (NP) next to their name below:

Adkins Dentistry, 2319 Grace Ave., 633-2876

Carolina Center for Dental Implants & Periodontics, 2808 Village Way, 633-1631

Carolina Endodontic Associates, 2804 Village Way, 636-1011 (NP)

Dockside Dental – Dr. Charles Schein/Kyle Viloria, 1702 Hwy 70 E., 638-3600 (NP)

Dr. Rebecca Forest, 3004 Trent Rd., 633-2500

Gibbs Dentistry, 901 Pinetree Dr., 633-5544 (NP)

Dr. William L. Hand, III, 218 B South Front St., 638-8000

Dr. Reid Hart, 2111 B Neuse Blvd., 638-3838

Dr. J. Stephen Hoard, 1421-A Glenburnie Rd., 633-9800

Dr. Deborah Kilgore, 1312 Commerce Dr, 637-1919

Kincaid & Purvis Family Dentistry, 635 McCarthy Blvd, 636-0011 (NP)

Kriebel & Associates, 3680 Neuse Blvd., 638-1864 (NP)

Dr. Andrew D. Mylander, 2315 Grace Ave., 633-2261

McCarthy Dental – Dr. Darryl Warren, 611 McCarthy Blvd., 633-1715

Miller & Associates Family Dentistry, 2803 Neuse Blvd., 672-0067

New Bern Family Dentistry, 2717 US Highway 70 E, 497-2871

Dr. Kimmey Seymore, 2815 Village Way, 633-4444

Rankin & Fiume Orthodontics, 608 McCarthy Blvd., 516-6407

We hope this is helpful. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions by sending us an email.

Wendy Card