Awakening: Musings on Planetary Survival

Awakening Book of Poems by Sam Love

Awakening: Musings on Planetary Survival is a collection of environmental poems by Sam Love. The book has been nominated for England’s prestigious Laurel Prize which honors a collection of eco and nature poems.

The subjects range from meditations on Mother Earth to the changes in migratory patterns caused by climate change. Far from a doom and gloom autopsy of the contemporary environmental crisis, Awakening has some fun with everything from imagining the craziness of shipping bottled water 6,000 miles to how bacteria evolving for a counterattack must be laughing at us who think we have dominion over them.

After reading his poetry you will never look at a plastic bag bouncing across the urban landscape or the sustenance along a river bank the same way.

Some preliminary review comments on the manuscript:

“I generally find contemporary poetry overly pretentious, and intentionally opaque, but Sam’s poetry is lucid and provocative. Now Sam writes beautifully of environmental shame and hope.”

– Denis Hayes, President of the Bullitt Foundation, and national coordinator of the first Earth Day in 1970.

“May the awakenings which have come to this big-hearted poet ripple out to transform our entire society, for Sam Love has become our modern-day Walt Whitman, a beam of light in this moment of darkness.”

– Dr. Gary Paul Nabhan, author of numerous books and articles on the Southwest’s threatened biology, recipient MacArthur Genius Grant and research scientist on Southwestern Borderlands Food and Water Security at the University of Arizona.

It is now available for order from Fly on the Wall Press in England or Amazon

Submitted by: Sam Love