Are you frustrated, worried, angry…or on the edge?

You are in control of your reactions

We’ve all dealt with stressful situations in some way. Before you let your emotions overwhelm you, know that you are in control of your reactions.

Last week, I finally got around to researching local Internet service providers because my current Internet is a mobile hotspot and I need more bandwidth to operate my business.

After choosing one, the salesperson told me about a “great phone service” for half the price of what I was currently paying, I could transfer my number to their cell carrier (Altice mobile}. Excited, I agreed and bought a much-needed new phone.

Two days later, I received the phone and was happy with it. They didn’t have a physical store, so it took me three hours to figure out how to install the SIM card and transfer the data (I’m not tech savvy). Then I realized that I couldn’t make a call without using wi-fi calling. I’ve only used that feature in remote locations, not New Bern!

Realizing the mistake, I spent two days (12 hours) on hold, being transferred, and eventually disconnected to realize that I needed to transfer the new phone to my previous provider who had been reliable for the past 10 years (AT & T). After wasting more time (4 hours), my old cell phone was restored!

What happened to that new phone? I need to call back to get a new SIM card because it was from a different cell carrier. It will have to do for now as I’m happy to have a dependable service.

Hindsight is 20-20. I’m not a “spontaneous spender”. Normally, I research anything that costs more than $50. The salesperson was doing his job and I made the choice to make a purchase that put me in this predicament. It was not his fault…I purchased a phone from a cell carrier that I’d never heard of.

Why would I make such a rash decision and continue to waste precious time?

This is not my normal behavior, but these are not normal times. I need to refocus and adjust to our current situation.

Normally, I’m a patient person and don’t anger easily, but after 19 hours…I was on the verge of yelling or throwing something.

The only thing that kept me from losing it was thinking about the person on the other end of the line. What was their situation?

COVID-19 is a Worldwide pandemic that’s affecting most of us in some way. All that was going through my mind was, “Be patient, stay calm, and be nice. They are doing the best they can while trying to earn a living. They don’t make the policies”. To be honest, I couldn’t do that job, but I’m glad they do.

When the representative told me that my old phone had been restored. I was so excited and thankful. It’s crazy because I can’t even use my new phone. At this point, I don’t care. I just want to get back to business…with my original phone and cell service.

The new phone will have to wait until I regain my sanity. So much for checking things off my to do list. There’s always tomorrow!

I still don’t know why I wasted 19 hours of my life on a stupid phone. I’m guessing it’s due to stress brought on by unknown factors as I accept a different way of life.

In closing, the takeaway for me is that we may not be able to control certain situations, but we can control how we react to our loved ones, our pets, neighbors, and strangers.

I’m wishing and praying for the best for all of you!

Wendy Card