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The Power of Mindset

Coach Todd Burrier

Mindset is an interesting word. Most definitions, and there are many sources of those nowadays, use the word attitude as a way to define mindset. This is too surface for my taste. Attitudes can change in the blink of an eye. Mindsets are much deeper. They are steeped in values, convictions, and beliefs.

The power of a mindset is that it operates as a basis for actions and decisions.

All things of difficulty come with positive sides as well. It is my perspective that America is in the process of receiving a wonderful mindset gift. Spiritual priorities aside, nothing truly has ever been more important than our health. There is not a single thing we do that doesn’t involve, and isn’t affected by, the degree of our health.

A close second to this, and always has been, are the people we love. Some people would think this order should be reversed. I respect that position, but the fact is, that you cannot show up properly for those you love, without taking care of yourself. It’s why the flight attendants always say to put your mask on first before assisting others.

Our current state of affairs, is bringing with it a revolutionary priorities mindset shift. All the money and things in the world do not matter much, if you lose your health, or those you love. I have been teaching this in my “3 Circles Living” platform for many years in corporate settings and with coaching clients because it is the path to the best life possible. A life rich in what matters most, which can also include financial success if that’s important for you.

Those at most risk, in the current time are those that are immune compromised, or in basic terms, not well. While a small percentage of this population are “luck of the draw,” statistics show that the majority of health issues in the working population, as much as 80% according to some sources, are directly a result of lifestyle choices over time.

To make it simple, not prioritizing health proactively. I am not insensitive to our current plight. All corners of my life are as affected as the next person. The reality is that as history has shown “this too shall pass,” and when it does, we will have changed in many ways, most of which will be for the better.

Among these changes will be a renewed mindset of taking care of our health and being more purposeful with those we love. And that will be a blessing. We have to be cautious that as whatever our new normal is, once we are distanced from this current adversity, that we do not resume any measure of complacency when it comes to health and love.

Submitted by: Todd Burrier, Author of 3 Circles Living