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Shop Local for Food and Essentials

Living Well Down East

Concerned for our community, especially our neighbors with immune system conditions, we wondered where and how they could safely get food and other supplies during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We heard that the big box stores were offering online shopping and curbside pickup. After confirming with each store, last week, I wrote an article to let people know about those services.

When I think about groceries, I automatically think about Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Walmart, etc. Not because I like shopping there. Honestly, I get stressed out before I even step foot into the store. I go because it’s one stop shopping for food, toiletries, and miscellaneous items. I have a list, grab the stuff, and get out as soon as possible. That was before COVID-19.

When I need a specific item unrelated to food (meat, vegetables, bread, etc.), I shop local because I believe in supporting small business owners.

On Friday, I heard City Talk with Sabrina and Lee; and Danny Batten was a guest on their show. They reminded me that small businesses in New Bern also offer food stuffs and important supplies.

I’m writing this because they need our community to rally behind them more than ever. Especially since some of them are still recovering from the financial loss from Hurricane Florence. I believe that New Bern wouldn’t be the place it is without small businesses.

I put out a call to action on social media for local shop owners to send me an email and let me know what food items and other essentials they carry so we could support them through a potential self-isolation period. Governor Cooper hasn’t ordered us to shelter in place, yet, but I believe it’s inevitable.

Danny sent me a list of local merchants who offer food and other necessities who offer online ordering, pickup and/or curbside delivery (Curbside – CURB, Pickup – P/U, Drive-Thru – DT, Delivery – DEL, Online – O).:

Bynum’s Drug Store, 240 Middle St., 637-3123 – medication and supplies. P/U, DEL
Living Well Down East, 309 Middle St., 637-0011 – Organic foods, fresh vegetables, vitamins and supplements. CURB, P/U
Galley Store, 300 E. Front St., 633-4648 – Lunch counter, coffee, wine, beer, milk, cheese and frozen foods. P/U
Surf, Wind and Fire, 230 Middle St., 288-5823 – Cleaning supplies, travel hand soap, travel toilet paper, camp foods, NC packaged popcorn, NC potato chips, NC peanuts, locally roasted coffee, camping supplies, first aid kits, board games, backyard games, disc golf supplies, wine, growler fills. CURB, P/U, O

Winnie Smith and Lindsay Simms sent us an email stating, “Mitchell Hardware is eager to help! We offer shipping and curbside pickup, as well as in-store purchasing following “social distancing” precautions. We carry essentials: plants and seeds, l+awn care, garden tools, kitchen and cleaning supplies, delicious food, along with hardware, plumbing, and electrical products”. Mitchell Hardware is located at 215 Craven St. Call 638-4261.

Craven Local Food Market offers a variety of meals prepared by farmers and delivered to your door. Order online for delivery or pickup at the Market located at 4282 Hwy 17 N in Ernul.

REALO Pharmacy located at 1301 Commerce Dr. has changed their policy to drive-thru and delivery only. Call 636-1711.

If you missed the article on New Bern area Restaurants, here’s the link.

Although we know of other shops that carry food and essential items, we don’t have first-hand knowledge of how they’ve changed their operations to limit the spread of the virus.

If you’re an owner of a shop that fits this criteria, send us an email with details of your products and current procedures as we would be happy to add you to the list. If you are a small business and don’t offer the above services, please send us an email with a summary and how you’ve changed operations to limit the spread. We are working on a different article that may help you spread your message.

There are still a lot of unknowns since this is a new Coronavirus with no known treatment or vaccine. Researchers are still examining data from other countries with records showing that younger people have become seriously ill from the virus.

Please help our community reduce the risk of infection by socially distancing yourself from others.

There’s no telling how long it will last…from several weeks to months…or longer. If you’re able:

– Work from home.

– Limit your exposure to others by keeping your distance (greater than 6 feet).

– Enjoy the fresh air.

Help limit the spread:

– People who appear healthy CAN carry the virus and spread it.

– Use hand sanitizer before entering a public space and avoid touching anything unless necessary.

– When you are in a public space, everything that you touch could be contaminated with droplets from the virus. Wipe down any bags/containers handled by others with a disinfectant.

– When leaving the space, clean your hands with sanitizer.

– Hand washing with soap and water for 20 + seconds is the most effective way to prevent you from getting sick or becoming a carrier of transmission even if you don’t show any signs.

Do you believe that you’re healthy and it won’t personally affect you? To date, there are only two reported COVID-19 patients in Craven County. People are under quarantine in Craven County and there aren’t any public reports whether they’ve been tested or not.

Unless the course of the virus transmission changes drastically, there’s a high probability that CarolinaEast Medical Center may become over capacity to receive ANY patients. What happens when you or a loved one has an accident, heart attack, etc.? Just some food for thought.

We all need to practice social distancing.

This is definitely a wake up call for me. Until recent weeks, I never used hand sanitizer as I washed my hands periodically throughout the day and couldn’t stand the smell of it.

Please tell us what you think!

Stay safe,

Wendy Card