New Bern Yacht Club (NBYC) Good News

New Bern Yacht Club

New Bern Yacht Club, located waterside on Brices Creek, is taking COVID-19 precautions by canceling or postponing meetings and social activities while needed.

Our boating season goes into full swing in late April, including a Community Blessing of the Fleet on May 2nd; and these events will be decided appropriately.

Because we hold boating and social gatherings year-round, the NBYC membership has a strong sense of friends and “family.” Thus, we are forming volunteer teams in different areas of town to help those who are home-bound due to health risks or official quarantine.

Volunteers will take care of picking-up important supplies, such as food and medications. NBYC wants every member to know they can depend on their fellow club members for assistance.

Submitted by: Lucy Lichty