Let’s Talk About It with Jane Maulucci: Death and Taxes Are Inevitable

Let’s Talk About It with Jane Maulucci
Photo: Eric Idle – comedic mastermind

We are in an odd predicament right now. It is called a pandemic, a crisis, a reset…depending on who you speak to and your overall core belief. Taxes have been temporarily delayed. Death is wasting no time.

We are appalled at the death toll, which on a normal day we pay absolutely no attention to it unless it is a loved one. We forget that death and birth are constant events, although the numbers chart in peaks and valleys. It is expected that this fall we will have an uptick in births… there is only so much binge watching and closet cleaning you can do.

When a baby is on the way we prepare for the child’s impending arrival. We spend time planning, we spend money on necessities and niceties, and invest our talents in creating a special something to welcome the tyke.

When an adult is going, we always act surprised. And most of the time it is.  Somewhat ironic since logically, we all know that we are just temporary visitors here and it would make sense to have a plan for our next or last journey, again depending on your personal belief.  “Before Your Last Breath – Your Spiritual Transition and End of Life Planning”  by Jilliana Raymond guides you through everything from storing your passwords (for the ones you leave behind, not to take with you) to your traveling clothes for your glorious departure.

The highly organized Peggy Barnes had told me a few years ago, that she (with no imminent need) planned out her funeral so that her husband wouldn’t have to think about it. And, it also meant that once she worked out the details, she didn’t have to think about it either.

We may have time to kill right now and getting things in order would be a good way to invest a couple of hours. I have left instructions for a quick cremation and a picnic where the admission is telling a funny story. I am still working on my play list, but the final song for sure will be “Always Look on The Bright Side of Life.”

By Contributing Author: Jane Maulucci, The Reactive Voice, LLC