Are you tired of hearing “Coronavirus” or “Stay Calm”?

Riverwalk New Bern

Share your Good News Stories with us!

My goal has always been to promote our town and let you know what’s happening. It’s tough to do during natural disasters, as I would rather escape by going camping off the grid. The only thing stopping me is my conscience because I care about our community.

Although this isn’t a natural disaster, the virus is having a similar mental and economic blow to most of us. Who knows how many people have the virus due to inadequate testing.

I will continue to publish updates to keep you informed, but I would prefer to mix it up with upbeat stories!

I would love to hear what you are doing to keep your sanity and hope you will share your uplifting stories and fun photos with us!

What are you doing to occupy your time?

Are you doing anything to help people those with compromised immune systems and/or the older population?

Are you treating it as a vacation and taking advantage of the 20+ City and County Parks?

Some people are looking for things to do but need inspiration and/or good news stories to help them get through this tough time.

Please share your photos and stories with us by sending an email.

We hope that you’re staying safe by using hand hygiene to protect yourself and others and practicing social distancing.

Thank you,

Wendy Card