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There’s a New Art Gallery, “The Crystal Lady”, in Downtown New Bern!

Michaele Rose Watson - The Crystal Lady

The Return of The Crystal Lady – Michealé Rose Watson

It’s official! Michaelé Rose Watson opened the doors of her Art Gallery, “The Crystal Lady” on Middle Street! Many of us enjoyed visiting her at the adorable yellow studio, but this is an all new experience!

She’s restoring our City’s rich architectural design…One Pane at a Time!

The Crystal Lady - Michaele' Rose Watson

I’ve only known Michaelé as a conceptual nature inspired Ceramist and I love her work!

She’s on a new path as she returns to her beginnings in glass work.

Walking into her new gallery, I was happy to see her beautiful ceramics on display and was awed by her exquisite glass work!

A little bit of history

At 22, Michaelé knew it would be her career and worked as an apprentice with Chalmers Stained Glass for three years, opened a studio, and became known as Crystal Lady Art Works in Jupiter, Florida. She worked with stained glass for 18 years.

Michaelé took a sabbatical and explored conceptual work based on nature and went back to school to get her degree at East Carolina University.

She’s excited to return to doing both lead and copper foil methods. She said, “Architectural Restoration was what I was trained in, so restoring historical work is what I’m getting back to. Preserving history is very important. To be part of our history…because it’s disappearing…it’s American history.”

Historic glass work restoration is vital to our community filled with so many notable buildings that are part of our City’s architectural character.

I’m so excited for Michaelé Rose Watson and the return of The Crystal Lady!

Congratulations on the opening of your new gallery, Michaelé, and for making a difference in preserving our City’s rich history!

Visit The Crystal Lady gallery at 217 Middle Street, call 252-626-0120, or check out her website at MichealeRose.com.

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