Craven Partners In Education Awards Grants to Kim Scott and Sakari Burgess

Kim Scott, Sakari Burgess, and Dr. Eleanor Patrick
Pictured at the school check presentation are, left to right, Ms. Scott, Ms. Burgess, and principal, Dr. Eleanor Patrick.

Kim Scott (assistant principal) and Sakari Burgess (3rd grade teacher) at Oaks Road Academy, won PIE Grants from Partners In Education for their grants, “To STEMfinity and Beyond!” for $1,500 and “It Only Takes a Spark” for $1,456 (Scott) and “Being the Wild Card” for $1,388 (Burgess). “To STEMfinity and Beyond” gives students a “hands-on” approach rather than a “sit and get” approach to STEM activities using Legos, K’Nex, robotics, and snap circuits.

“It Only Takes a Spark” funds the purchase of bookshelves and books to fill those shelves that will be placed throughout the school. The goal is to foster a love of reading. “Being the Wild Card” awarded to Ms. Burgess shares the common belief of Hope King with the Ron Clark Academy that she is the “wild card” in the lives of her students in that she can make a difference in their learning experience through “Set the Stage to Engage” classroom transformations.

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Submitted by: Darlene Brown, Partners In Education