Are you having a hard time after the Hurricane or during the Holidays?

Do you need help?Whether you’re displaced after the hurricane, you need help rebuilding, or are grieving over the loss of a loved one, I wanted to let you know that there is help. Sometimes knowing that can make a difference in the chaos that surrounds you.

You don’t have to go through it alone.

For those who weren’t affected by the storm and life couldn’t be better, we’re very happy for you, but please be mindful of those who were.

Obviously, you won’t know what a stranger is going through, but before you get frustrated or angry because someone snapped at you for “no reason”, consider there is a reason. We all have bad days, but some people are truly struggling. Some have lost hope and feel helpless.

You may wonder why some people who used to engage with you on social media have suddenly stopped. If they’re your friends, check on them as they may just need to talk to someone.

Instead of wondering what you’ve done wrong, you might want to consider doing something for someone in need. I know that you may have a lot on your plate and may be trying to get your early Christmas shopping done, but please think about those who may not have a house to celebrate Christmas in or are on the brink of giving up. If you have children, it’s the perfect time to take them to donate gifts or volunteer. Believe it or not, It really feels great to make a difference!

If you feel overly stressed, sad, angry, or numb; please know that you’re not alone and there is help!

New Bern and surrounding areas have a lot of people who care! From non-profits, churches, civic groups, businesses, and individuals – they want to help you.

They can only help if you ask! Don’t feel to proud to ask as a disaster, crisis, and/or death can affect anyone.

Here’s a list of New Bern’s Non-profits.

If you have specific questions, please send us an email or give us a call at 252-259-6853 and we will discreetly do our best to connect you with someone who can help.

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