Attorney Erica Rogers talks about Intellectual Property, Trademark and Copyright Laws

Video from New Bern Now’s Social Media Summit 2018

We were very fortunate to have Erica B. E. Rogers, Intellectual Property Attorney with Ward and Smith, P.A. join us as a speaker during New Bern Now’s 2018 Social Media Summit!

Erica talked about important issues related to copyright laws, Trademark matters, and other intellectual property information that everyone should be aware of.

We highly encourage you to watch this video as this information is vital to protecting you, your business and/or non-profit from someone using your content, images, audio, and/or video. And prevent you from inadvertently breaking the law by copying someone else work without their permission.

Stay tuned as more videos from this discussion will be uploaded to New Bern Now’s Youtube Channel soon!

Please contact Erica Rogers if you have any questions by calling 919-277-9186 or visit Ward and Smith’s website.

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