Craven Community College Adult Enrichment Program…A Success Story

Adult Enrichment ProgramWe are happy to report after a five year hiatus, the re-start of the Adult Enrichment Program in the summer of 2016 is a success story.

Under Workforce Development, the program reached its goal of providing short-term, engaging, affordable non-credit courses to the adult community. In this first year, three sessions (fall, winter, spring/summer) offered 146 classes in a wide array of topics in nine categories taught by highly qualified instructors.

Challenges that are being addressed include improving the registration process which should be in place for fall registrations and expanding the marketing and visibility of the program and it’s distinction as a program that offers short-term, fee-based engaging classes.

As we move forward and work to develop a wide range of class offerings for the fall 2017 series, we extend many thanks to the community for the support and input it extended to this program and deep appreciation to the many instructors who have been very supportive and willingly offered their time, talents and patience as we worked through the start-up process.

To insure the momentum of this program continues, we encourage your input and suggestions. For those who are interested in teaching a class or have suggestions on topics that could be offered, contact Susan Moffat-Thomas, Enrichment Program Coordinator at 252-638-1367.

By Contributing Author: Susan Moffat-Thomas