Video Business Spotlight on Cravin’ Wine

We had the pleasure of meeting Amy Lynn, the new owner of Cravin’ Wine, her brother, Joel Lynn, and daughter Audrey Harris during a visit last month.

Cravin’ Wine changed ownership a few months ago and Amy Lynn wants “To explore the world of wines with all of Eastern North Carolina, one sip at a time. Cravin’ Wine introduces small estate wineries from regions around the world; pairing wines with our unique, southern cuisine “Down East”.”

Amy Lynn wrote, “We strive to:

Purvey wines from countries and their wine regions not offered in the big box, commercial wine stores or grocers. Each wine is handcrafted by a family from a far flung region of the world, brought to Cravin’ Wine to share with you to savor. Wines will be affordably priced; none over $50.00, focusing on exceptional quality to consume every day, not to collect and cellar.

Learn of the regional foods where these grapes are grown, understanding what “grows to together, goes together”. Cravin’ Wine will suggest food parings that suit the southern palate, as well as those who can take it to the stratosphere.

Introduce Eastern North Carolina to the subtleties of each wine region around the world; from the soils in which vines are grown, combined with climactic sensitivities (the amount of sunlight, heat, cold, altitude, vineyard orientation, rainfall), that influence and ultimately create each unique grape harvest each year.

Provide tasting experiences; assisting the novice and the seasoned with the exploration of small vineyard, hand-crafted wines, learning of both the region and the hands that crafted it. Not for the faint of heart!

Build a wine community with Cravin’ Wine, embracing concepts of reuse, recycle, green, organic, biodynamic, biodiverse, and the love of wine. Join us!”

If you’re a wine lover, we highly recommend visiting Cravin’ Wine located at 1706 Hwy 70 East in New Bern. For more information, please call 252-514-2675 or checkout their website and Facebook page.

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