Congratulations to Amanda Ohlensehlen – Havelock’s New Economic Development Coordinator

Amanda Ohlensehlen

The City of Havelock is pleased to announce that Amanda Ohlensehlen has been hired as Economic Development Coordinator. We’re excited to work with Amanda in a new capacity, as she continues to contribute through her experience and knowledge of our city.

Amanda was employed by the City of Havelock in June of 2008 as Sales Manager at the Havelock Tourist & Event Center. In her 8 years managing the facility, she has worked with a variety of public and private stakeholders to plan events and programs that strengthen community partnerships. In 2012, she initiated a re-branding campaign, which included a new logo design and website to enhance the center’s marketing efforts. Amanda also serves as the Staff Director of the Eastern Carolina Aviation Heritage Foundation (ECAHF), a 14-person board of directors tasked with promoting Marine aviation heritage in Coastal Carolina.

Amanda earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Missouri in 2006. She is currently attending graduate school at East Carolina University and is a 2017 Candidate for a Master of Science in Sustainable Tourism. In addition to a focus on community and economic development, the program also promotes policies that contribute to a balanced and healthy economy while enhancing a location’s socio-cultural, historical, natural and built resources.

Amanda has been a resident of Havelock for ten years and enjoys volunteering, supporting many community organizations, and spending time outdoors with her family.

As a Havelock resident, Amanda is passionate about improving the business climate and quality of life for her fellow citizens.

You can reach Amanda in City Hall.

Information provided by: Amanda Ohlensehlen, City of Havelock