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Casablanca performs at The City Laundry

Casablanca performance New Bern NC
Photo by: Nicholas P. Maloney

Casablanca performs at The City Laundry in New Bern June 10th from 8-11pm!

Friday, June 10, 1941.

The Place: Rick’s American Bar, Casablanca, Morocco.

Sam the piano man has taken the night off. Tonight’s music is provided by a motley but capable trio of musicians: a guitarist from Paris; a drummer who’s been living in Turkey; and a violinist from Eastern Europe, who occasionally swaps out with a local oud player.  Their music, laced with favorite themes from the Silver Screen, takes you from Russia to Brazil to Persia to who knows where?

Casablanca recreates Rick’s American Bar on Friday, June 10, at The City Laundry, 901 Pollock Street in New Bern.  The concert begins around 8:00 pm, just as the New Bern ArtWalk/ArtCrawl is winding down.  The music will continue until 11pm.  Tickets are $10, available at the venue, Bank of the Arts, or at the door.  Call Kathy Adolph at 252-675-1889 for more information.

For information on the band, contact Simon Spalding at 252-636-1256.

Tom Spellman is Casablanca’s guitarist, playing both nylon-stringed Classical guitar and steel string guitar.

Glenn Druhot plays drum set, djembe, bongos, and other percussion instruments.  With sticks, brushes, or hands, Glenn lays down the beat!

Simon Spalding plays violin, guitar, and oud, the fretless lute of the Orient.

All three members of Casablanca are instructors in the teaching studio of Fuller’s Music House in New Bern, where they met.

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Submitted by: Simon Spalding