Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!

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Are you ready for the New Year?

Although I’ve been making New Year’s resolutions for a long time, I can’t remember if I ever followed thru with any of them. A lot of the people that I know plan on making self-improvement changes and all kinds of plans as resolutions, but how many of us actually accomplish them?

Instead of making a list of resolutions like: reducing stress, getting in shape, living a healthier lifestyle, saving money, getting organized, getting more sleep, etc. Perhaps we should just try “To be happy, stop procrastinating, and live life to the fullest” and the aforementioned will follow suit!

This year will be different! I believe that if I can’t improve my life, how can I try to help those around me? Are you wondering what either of them has to do with the other? It’s because I’m happy when I help others and it can cause a ripple effect.

When I was a Navy Corpsman, I saw people living in terror, poverty, and hunger from our nation’s capital to third world countries. They didn’t have a choice or a way out of their misery. I learned a lot from my experiences. I believe that I saw what I did for a reason…to take my experiences and help those less fortunate.

We all know someone with life threatening or disabling diseases and have lost someone who meant the world to us. Let’s unite for the greater good by helping our local charities and/or supporting those who need help cope with a recent loss.

This year, I intend on using New Bern Now to try and make a difference in our community. I’m ready to put the past behind me and live life to the fullest. Are you?

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