Spotlight shines on H.J. MacDonald Middle School Teacher Tiffany Mangum

Tiffany Mangum
Teacher Tiffany Mangum

On December 16, 2015, Craven County Board of Education and H.J. MacDonald Middle School spotlighted a teacher that is an advocate for students and staff, and be a leader of positivity on a daily basis. Tiffany Mangum embodies all of the qualities that a “Teacher of the Year” represents.


Tiffany always takes the time to make students and staff feel welcome. She makes sure students feel cared for, safe, and important in her classroom.

Compassion: When confronted with students who may have difficulties at school or at home, Tiffany always finds a way to make that child feel special and tries to take their mind off of what may be going on. She truly loves all of the students in our school, not only the ones that she teaches. All of our students know about the wonderful Ms. Mangum!

Empathy: Tiffany has the amazing ability to put herself in someone else’s shoes and try to see things from their point of view. This requires Tiffany to get to know her students as well as her co-workers. She is the first one to volunteer to help someone in need, cover a class, or lend a hand.

Positivity: Tiffany is given so many different tasks to do for our school. Regardless of the task- which ranges from taking charge of clubs, putting on a dance recital, or working to get our bulletin boards looking great and up-to-date- she always completes the task with perfection and a smile never leaves her face. She does not complain, for she knows that everything she does is for the greater good of this school.

Rapport:  Building relationships with her students is her number one goal. She will always take the time to get to know her students for who they really are. She instantly becomes every student’s favorite teacher by the time they leave her class. She helps to build a community among the staff at the school as well. The students love her, and so do her colleagues.

Finally Tiffany inspires. She inspires her colleagues to stay positive, she inspires her students to work harder, and she inspires her friends to be better people.

Tiffany Mangum is truly one-of-a-kind. H.J. MacDonald Middle School is honored to have her representing us as our teacher spotlight.

Submitted by: Jennifer Wagner, Director of Public Relations, Craven County Schools