Education Spotlights Teacher Brenna Hamric of Arthur Edwards Elementary

Teacher Brenna Hamric

Craven County Board of Education and Arthur Edwards Elementary spotlighted Ms. Brenna Hamric who has gone the extra mile. With the increase in our student population this year, this summer was extremely busy for many of the AWE staff as we prepared to make new students, families, and staff feel welcome and to give our school a face lift.  This recognition could go to several staff members, but the person being recognized today went even a step further.

Ms. Hamric used her creative talents to create posters for several initiatives in the school so that all classrooms would have the same expectations throughout the building, whether it was for behavior or academic. She is a grade level team leader and member of our school Cabinet.

Ms. Hamric took charge at the grade level the weekend before school started when there was a need to re-establish a classroom. She put her heart into coordinating and gathering decorations and materials to make the classroom an inviting place for the new students. Under her guidance and with the help of many other staff members, the classroom went from a barren, disorganized space to a warm, friendly place to learn.  As a teacher, she is the inclusion teacher for her grade level and dedicates her life every day to helping her students learn and grow. She thinks outside the box and is always willing to do whatever it takes whether for her classroom or the school. The staff of Arthur Edwards would like to recognize Brenna Hamric for all of her hard work and dedication to our school and our students.

Submitted by: Jennifer Wagner, Director of Public Relations, Craven County Schools