Tanya’s Tips: Three Steps to Ensure an Organized Move

Structured Chaos

Regardless of whether you are moving to New Bern, from New Bern, or within New Bern, moving can be a challenging transition. As a military brat myself, our family moved seven times to four states and three countries. Looking back, I am still amazed with how much skill my Mom (and Dad) employed to get us from one place to the next with minimal drama. And that was with three girls in tow!

Here are three steps I learned from my parents and have used myself that may just provide you with some less stressful moving adventures:

1. Put all like items together prior to boxing. Stack all books together on one table, gather all the bedding and linens on one bed, lean all pictures and framed certificates against one wall, put all kitchen items in the kitchen, collect all computer equipment and components in one bin…This allows you to see what you actually have and if you can then create another pile of things to donate to others so you are not moving items you no longer use or need. It also makes it easier when boxing everything, as most of the like items will be in the same box.

2. Inventory all boxes as you pack them. Have a Sharpie handy and as you put items in a box, write it on the outside with as much detail as you need to know what is later. This makes it much more simple to find it at the new location.

3. Pull out those items you will need first. We called it “hold baggage” – it is what you need to survive the first several days or weeks before you unpack and actually move in to your new place. When moving a household, it may include items like: enough dishes for the family to eat off of, extra linens, a few lamps, extra personal items including clothes, electrical cords and chargers, paper and pens for your office needs, and whatever else you must have handy.

Though there are many more tips, these have proven to be lifesaving for my family and me. They work for moving a household or an office. And, they are perfect for enlisting the help of others, especially children. Having them involved in the process gives them an investment in the move and some control over their changing environment. Children (and employees) can help by gathering items, labeling boxes, and determining what needs to be boxed for now and later. Move forward!

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By Contributing Author: Tanya Roberts