15 Reasons You Should Exercise This Summer


By Kate Horney, BeyondFitPhysiques

With busy schedules, vacations, and lots of extra activities, exercise is often the last thing on your mind during the summer months: with

According to the Surgeon General’s Physical Activity and Health report, over 60 percent of people aren’t getting enough exercise to provide them with the maximum benefits of wellness!

If you’re not as active as you know you should be, you’re not alone, but when you really think about it, baby is a REASON to make exercise a priority- not an EXCUSE for why you don’t have time.

Consider the following benefits of exercise ….

15 Reasons You Should Exercise This Summer

Because you want to take care for yourself

Because it gives you energy

Because you want to feel good in your clothes

Because it improves mental alertness

Because it releases endorphins (and makes you happy)

Because it increases your mental & muscular strength

Because it prevents age-related muscle loss

Because it helps you sleep better and easier

Because it gives you a reason to be proud of yourself

Because it helps reduce stress

Because it increases your energy

Because it decreases depression

Because it improves your heart health

Because it reduces your risk of cancer

Because it boosts your immune system

Are you tempted to skip your workouts?  What keeps you motivated?

If you’re not sure where to start with exercise?  We have easy to follow workouts online at BeyondFit Life! And if you’d like an in person workout with a personal trainer, check out our Bikini Boot Camp so you get started with your healthier life TODAY!

By Healthy Living Contributing Author: Kate Horney, BeyondFitPhysiques