Take a glimpse into New Bern’s Art World!

The warm weather motivated me to take my dog, Boo, for a walk at Union Point Park.

During our travels, we popped in to see Michaelé Rose Watson at her Artist Studio. Michaelé is a close friend, an amazing Artist, and Teacher. She’s constantly working on ways to promote the arts in our community and I wish I had her energy!

Michaelé’s artwork is beautiful, extraordinary, and scenic. Her 1,000 egg exhibit is well known in New Bern. Looking at her art, it’s apparent that she’s inspired by the nature. This video is only a glimpse into her collection.

Michaelé loves working with wood and materials found in the forest. She’s also a potter and I was lucky enough to get one of her bowls during the Empty Bowls Fundraiser. Speaking of Empty Bowls, she just packed up 162 bowls in collaboration with Craven Community College students and several local potters including Candice Young, Ben Watford, and Becky Badger.

I love visiting her studio as she has a vast array of unique artwork including her “Underworld Water Orb”, select sculptures from her “100 Feet Exhibit”, paintings, and many other interesting pieces.

I asked Michaelé about one of her very unusual collections and she defined it as “Nature Completing Me”. She said, “A lot of my work is about me taking nature apart and re-creating it in the image of what humans feel they should be”. She took some of her work to the ocean. She explained, “I let barnacles grow on top of my work so I could let nature complete what I have done”. She’s still working on the series and is looking forward to doing more of it.

Visit Michaelé Rose Watson’s Artist Studio at 413-B Broad Street (adjacent to the Broad Street Social Club and behind The Chelsea, Sweet Peas Café, Cow Café, and the Bank of the Arts) or check out her Facebook page.

Special thanks to Michaelé for a fun-filled and educational experience!

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