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The Hunt for Oil – How often do you check your vehicles fluids?

Visiting my family in Western NY, my eldest sister, Sherry, and I decided to go hiking in Allegany State Park in the Southern Tier.

It was nice catching up during our drive from Buffalo to Salamanca. Driving into the entrance to Allegany State Park, we stopped at the overlook to take in the beauty of the mountains and recent snowfall.

Then we noticed a burning smell coming from her car. Neither of us knew much about cars except how to check the fluids, change a tire, and that’s about it.

Sherry recently had her car serviced, but after checking the oil, it was bone dry! We couldn’t drive the car, we needed oil. Our only option was to walk into town. Planning on hiking in the park, we were prepared for cold weather.

We definitely got our exercise walking about 2 miles into the town of Salamanca. Our only true concern was that it was getting late and the sun was beginning to set. We didn’t have a flashlight and it would take a long time to walk back up the mountain.

We were surprised and very thankful to find out the small town had a taxi driver who we hired to drive us back up to the car.

The moral of this story is to remind folks to check their fluids even if the vehicle was recently serviced, have warm clothes and a flash light in case of emergency, and keep your spirits high no matter how tough things may seem. That’s the key to survival in any situation.

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Wendy Card