Nicholas Sparks Celebrity Weekend

As many of you are aware, local author Nicholas Sparks hosted a Celebrity Weekend in April 2012 that coincided with the release of his new movie, The Lucky One.  The event was a huge success in New Bern, bringing in many great celebrities to our fine city.  Please see a letter below from Nicholas Sparks regarding a Celebrity Weekend event in the future.

“I hope all is well!  I wanted to reach out to all of you about the Celebrity Weekend to benefit the Nicholas Sparks Foundation.  You may have heard some talk that, after last year’s success, plans were underway for 2013.  And, of course, given the tremendous partnerships with numerous local businesses that made the weekend such a success, I was hoping that it would be possible.  But, after a lot of thinking and back and forth, I’ve decided not to go forward with a Celebrity Weekend in 2013.  As you probably suspect, it was a tremendous undertaking and, while I loved hosting the event, with another novel due, a movie coming out in February, yet another novel filming, and a new production company working on developing television shows, I’m afraid that I’m simply not going to have the time to devote to the Weekend this coming year.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to host a Celebrity Weekend in 2014, but frankly, with so much going on, I have not started plans for that yet.

Thanks again to all those who made the first Celebrity Weekend such a fantastic event.”

Nicholas Sparks

Submitted by: Amy Hammond, Craven County Visitors Bureau