“The Fountain” entered in the BOA Juried Art Show!

Fun time had by all as Lisa Bisbee enters her piece in the Bank of the Arts (BOA) Juried Art Show! Laura Johnson and I met up with Artist Lisa Bisbee to capture her extraordinary art piece being delivered to the BOA.

In 1985, Lisa visited a museum in Pittsburgh, PA, and saw Marcel Duchamp’s art piece that he entered into a Juried Art Show in 1917. It was a urinal and he called it Fountain. Although his fountain was rejected because they said it “wasn’t art”, it changed the perception people had of art around the World.

Lisa was so inspired by his story; she decided to become an artist.

Almost 100 years later, Lisa wanted to see how far the art world has come and entered her version of “The Fountain”, a bidet, into the Bank of the Arts Juried Art Show. Her piece is in honor of Marcel Duchamp.

Carol Tokarski, Executive Director of the Craven Arts Council encourages artists from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia to bring their artwork in and display it. It only costs $25 to enter. The Bank of the Arts Juried Art Show is hosted by the Craven Arts Council and Twin Rivers Artist Association. They have over $5000 in awards that will be distributed.

The gallery will be filled with over 400 art pieces on Tuesday, May 8th, from 10am – 7pm. Find out what’s been juried into the show during the Downtown ArtWalk on Friday, May 11th from 5 – 8pm.

For more information, visit the Bank of the Arts at 317 Middle Street, New Bern, call 252-638-2577 or check out their website.

Please visit Lisa Bisbee’s website to see her paintings and artwork.

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