New Bern Man vs. USA on Bike!

My friend, Lisa Bisbee told me about a New Bern man who is getting ready to hop on his bike and ride across the US. Since I’m not a cyclist, my first thought was, he must be crazy. Then she told me he was going to do it without any money. I was very curious and impressed that I had to meet him!

So I did. Bo Bissett is a very positive man with an adventurous spirit – Mr. Adventure! I really enjoyed learning more about his unique and challenging journey.

He spent 6 years overseas teaching English in the Czech Republic, Spain, Taiwan, and Vietnam; teaching driving in Mexico, Taiwan, and Vietnam; working as a writer in Vietnam; and traveling across South East Asia. Now he’s ready to “grab life by the horns” and let his passion lead the way. Bo is “a man’s man” and I’m guessing he will try anything at least once. He loves sky diving, he’s a certified Scuba Instructor, and enjoys the great outdoors.

He’s planning on leaving Morehead City, NC, on April 16, 2012 and heading west. Bo’s proposed map runs directly across America, but it’s not set in stone. He welcomes suggestions of interesting places to visit from readers.

Bo will write about his coast to coast expedition on so we can learn about the “people, places, and activities off the beaten path”. He wants to “show people alternatives to sitting in front of the TV or computer” – Bo Bissett.

Wondering why he plans on taking on this major feat without any money? Here’s where his life experience traveling oversees kicks in. He’s modest and is definitely not materialistic. I’m sure his visits to third world countries have a lot to do with it.

His experiences can really put things into perspective and make us appreciate how lucky we are. His vision is to meet people from all walks of life and write about them.

How will he eat without any money? He will write restaurant reviews for a free meal and publish it on his website. That’s a win-win.

Where will he stay without money? Well, people like me who believes in him, will contact friends across the Country to see if they have room on their couch for him to stay. He will also use a site called couchsurfing to find people who welcome travelers at no cost.

What else will he write about? He’s using social media sites to ask for recommendations of cool and/or unique places that only “locals” know about.

Although I only met Bo for a short time, I felt like he’s a kindred spirit. As we both believe in doing what we love in life. We both have a passion for writing, meeting people, and learning.

I’m really looking forward to “living vicariously” through reading about Bo’s travels.

I hope everyone who reads this, visits Bo Bissett’s website and other social media sites to learn more and follow him during his special journey!

Thanks, Bo! It was truly a pleasure meeting you and wish you safe and happy travels!

Please feel free to comment below or send an email.

Wendy Card

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