>CJ’s Ride for a Reason “Bike-Thru Drive-Thru for Charity”


Tuesday April 3, 2012
(All Day Event at Chick-fil-A)

CJ is a seven-year-old boy with plans to ride his bike approximately 300 miles during his Spring Break, to raise money for the Samaritan’s Purse “Turn on the Tap” Water Project. His ride brings CJ and his team through New Bern, NC on Tuesday April 3rd (approx 2-3pm). Chick-fil-A is feeding CJ and his team, and we are inviting EVERYONE to the “Welcome Party” (upon arrival).

Ride Your Bike through the Chick-fil-A Drive-Thru on Tuesday April 3rd (6:30am-10:00pm) and Chick-fil-A will donate $1 – for every bike rider who places an order in drive-thru – to the charity on behalf of our friend, CJ.

We plan to have fun activities, booths & giveaways! (12p-6p)

If you own a bike, you can help CJ make a difference. Ride from home to Chick-fil-A if you can, or load your bike on a bike rack, in the bed of a pick-up truck, or in the back of the SUV, wherever it will fit!

Important Safety Guidelines

*Any participant sixteen and under, riding a bike, must be accompanied by a parent and must wear proper headgear. All bikers should wear bright clothing.

As we get notice that CJ is about to arrive, we will line up outside near the Chick-fil-A entrance and welcome him and his team to New Bern! Make sure you are there; we want to make this very special for such a special little boy.

Submitted by: Joey Jones, Unit Marketing Director, Chick-fil-Aof New Bern, 252-637-1720