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>Are you or a loved one hard of hearing?


The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) will meet on April 24th at 11am at 1325 McCarthy Blvd. Independent Living Apartments. 
Our speaker is Mari Clark from the Sherriff’s office who will give us advice on how to interact with the policeman if we are stopped when driving.  There is a card for the hard of hearing that can be placed on the back of the car visor to get the officers attention & explain that maybe you did not hear his instructions.  She will also explain the relay procedure when 911 is called. 
Our newsletter tells of many discounts available when you show your HLAA membership card. 
I have 2 free telephones if you would like one in another room of your house.  All you need is the phone jack.  No extra costs.  Also I am collecting old hearing aids to be recycled.
In May Karen Caputo will explain the rights you have under the Disabilities Act. 
If there are any questions please call Althea Uhlig at 252-633-9471 
Submitted by: Althea Uhlig for The Hearing Loss Association of America