>Realtor Corner with Jim English, Broker-Keller Williams Realty

>Let’s talk about the real state of the Real Estate Business. It’s not as bad as you might think. In fact, the situation is bright and getting brighter!

2011 was essentially a year where the volume of business stayed pretty much the same as 2010. However, the average selling price did drop a bit.

Let’s look at the situation realistically. Sure, prices are down from the highs of 2006 & 7. However, we saw unprecedented double digit increases in prices during that period. Right now we are back to the levels before 2006. Reality has returned. Ok, sales are off about 35% from what they were at the peak of business. That means that 65% of the business is still being done.  

What does all this mean? If you are willing to be realistic with your asking price and have an aggressive realtor with a great marketing plan, you can sell your property. This is the best time to buy that we have seen in many years-much better than the during the peak years!

With each newsletter I will share one of today’s innovative marketing ideas. Let’s start with the Virtual Tour. Every Residential Listing should have one as well as many Waterfront Lots. 95% of the people who buy real estate today go to the internet to view listings first. 85% of those go to listings with Virtual Tours first and never go back to look at the others.

Today the Virtual Tour has replaced the typical first showing of a property. It is critical that this Tour be extraordinary-not run of the mill! For example, my Virtual Tours are done by a professional photographer, who, instead of utilizing the usual boring background music, does a voice over tour of the property, literally putting the buyer at his shoulder.

Please visit my website: www.jimenglishinnewbern.com or call me at 252-670-6801 if I can be of any assistance to you.

Submitted by: Jim English, GRI, CRS Broker – Keller Williams Realty