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Coastal Carolina Boston Terrier Rescue (CCBTR) specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of Boston Terriers. The CCBTR all-volunteer network provides a coordinated, professional, and compassionate response to private owners and animal welfare agencies that request help with Boston Terriers in need.

We are an all-volunteer nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.Our primary area of responsibility is the eastern and coastal communities of North Carolina however we are also committed to reaching out to Boston Terriers in need in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

CCBTR opened its doors for business on January 1, 2012.  However, weeks before Sweet Caroline found her way into our care.  Caroline was discovered hiding under a car in a shopping center parking lot.  Extensive efforts were made to find her family but to no avail.  And so, Caroline became CCBTR’s first foster dog.  A few weeks later, a family in need brought Klaymore to our attention.  Through no fault of their own, Klaymore’s family found it impossible to keep him.  Baby Doll followed close behind Klaymore.  Baby Doll was surrendered to a shelter along with her very young puppies.  So, when the doors opened CCBTR already had three foster dogs. All three of these pups have been adopted and found their way to their forever homes.

As is always the case in rescue, for each dog that leaves to start a new life in their forever home, at least one more will take their place in foster care.  These dogs come from abusive situations like puppy mills or back yard breeders.  They come from animal shelters where they have landed for any number of reasons – all of them involving some kind of abandonment.  They come from loving and caring homes where their caregivers find themselves in situations where they can no longer physically or financially care for their beloved pets.

CCBTR is here to help these wonderful dogs but we need help. We need volunteers to help with the day to day rescue requirements.  We need foster homes where these dogs can find stability until their forever homes are found. We need volunteers to transport dogs into foster care and into their forever homes. We need volunteers to conduct home visits with prospective adoptive families. We need volunteers to help with the administration of the business of rescue (fundraising, event planning and participation, and administrative tasks).

We also need help financially. Our mission is to help as many of these sweet dogs as possible.  Because so many come to us needing vet care (some serious some not so serious), the cost to see a dog through to its forever home continues to rise.

Please visit us at www.ccbtr.org.  We would love to have you become a part of our mission and our family.  Please help us help them by adopting, volunteering, or making a donation.  Whatever you can do will be appreciated. 

Submitted by:  Kathy Quartana, Treasurer, Coastal Carolina Boston Terrier Rescue (CCBTR)