>Hurricane Irene Survivors in Need of Help!


Did you know that there are residents in Craven County and the surrounding counties who still need help recovering from Hurricane Irene? Although it’s been over four months since the storm occurred there are still hurricane survivors who are still working to put their lives back together and restore some sense of order and normalcy.

The North Carolina Emergency Management Outreach Recovery Team is working with survivors to identify and provide state, local, and private resources that will aid them in their restoration journey. Several 501(c)(3) agencies are working in the area and need assistance with providing supplies, materials, labor, and new appliances for survivors.

For more information about how you may help, contact the State Emergency Management Outreach Recovery Team Lead, Macy Jones-Smith at 919-810-3664. Mrs. Jones will provide contact information for the 501(c)(3) agencies that are in need of help with providing services to Hurricane Irene survivors. Thanks in advance for responding in such a kind and caring way.

Submitted by: Macy Jones-Smith, State Emergency Management Outreach Recovery Team