>New Bern Now is the “People’s Voice” Media Outlet!


Have you attended local events and spent the next couple of days looking for coverage in the local media? Were you disappointed because there was no mention of them? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking traditional media. They work hard trying to cover special events with the resources they have. Most of them have a large coverage area and that’s why this “Community Blog” exists. To share local community information from a citizen media aspect where there’s no hard line rules, regulations, and deadlines. If I receive information at 2am and I’m up, I’ll post it. If I’m taking a walk in the Croatan in the middle of the workday, the post will have to wait.

Let’s get back to the point – Let your voice be heard! You can share your stories about community events with readers of New Bern Now. Send them to us and we will publish them.

New Bern Now’s Community Blog was created to promote the Greater New Bern area. This is not a place where people talk about political agendas, religious intolerabilities, or any other rants.

Feel free to send us your information via email in text format or in a word document (not .pdf format) and we will publish it as long as it suits the conditions of the Community Blog. We would be happy to publish any photos that you have taken and will give you full credit (please make sure they are in a .jpg format).

Everyone who contributes to the website receives credit, so please let us know how you’d like the “Submitted by” line to read and if you have a website that you would like linked back to along with a phone number.

Thank you for visiting New Bern Now!

Wendy Card