>Colonial Capital Humane Society Launches Each One Reach One


In January, Colonial Capital Humane Society begins its Each One Reach One campaign, in which we ask those who care about the plight of abused and abandoned animals in our area to help one of our dogs or cats find a new home — at little or no cost to themselves! In brief:

• We’re asking every animal lover to spread the word about a particular dog or cat now in our care through postings on a bulletin board at work or church, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail list, community gatherings, etc.

• Each person selects the cat or dog through our site, www.colonialcapital.org. The site provides background information on the animal as well as a photo.

• If they wish, the CCHS newsletter editor will prepare a page-size poster for that dog or cat and provide a pdf file via email. That file can then be printed out for posting, or uploaded as an email attachment or posting on a social network.

• This is virtually a no-cost (and minimal effort on the animal advocate’s part) way to find loving homes for our dogs and cats, in turn enabling us to save more animals.

It can work, if only each one animal advocate will try to reach one prospective adoptive parent. Contact Beverly Foster at 252-672-1653 or email.

Submitted by: Beverly Foster for the Colonial Capital Humane Society