WildARC of East Carolina Rescues Wildlife Victims of Hurricane Irene!

Laura Johnson and I visited the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center of East Carolina (WildARC) today. Executive Director Ellen Westermann and her caring WildARC team of volunteers were extremely busy trying to feed and revive wild animals abandoned after Hurricane Irene swept thru Eastern North Carolina.

Volunteer Gail Heller said that WildARC has, “60 – 70 squirrels”, in need of nourishment and rescue. They also had a rabbit, mourning doves, sea gulls, and Jamaica, their resident hawk.

Ellen and the volunteers work around the clock feeding the animals every 3 hours.

They are currently at maximum capacity for squirrels, so they are referring people to the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter in Newport, NC, 252-240-1200.

They are always in the need of volunteers and donations (both monetary and supplies).

For more information about WildARC, please call them at 252-638-4646 or visit their website: www.wildarc.org. They are located at 1312 Old Cherry Point Rd. in New Bern, NC.

Thanks, Ellen and your committed volunteers for all you do for the wildlife in our community!

Wendy Card

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