>Video Spotlight Shines on Jill’s Pet Gallery and Dog Trainer Dona Baker!


Are you looking for a place to care for your pup when you go out of town? Do you need help teaching your dog basic obedience or good manners? Does your dog need to relieve some pent up energy? Are you looking for a caring groomer for your furry family member?

Look no further! Visit Jill’s Pet Gallery to take care of your dog’s needs! They offer dog grooming, elite boarding facilities, doggie day play, and Dona Baker, owner of NautiDawgs, Inc., an independent dog training company, provides specialized training classes at Jill’s for you and your dog.

Dona does not have a store front; her obedience classes are held exclusively at Jill’s Pet Gallery in James City at 221 Kale Road, near Creekside Park and the airport.

Thea Kincaid and I enjoyed our visit with Dona and co-owner Jill Nobles to learn more about this unique Pet Gallery. We even brought our dogs for a play day!

Jill’s Pet Gallery believes they are different from other local dog boarding, grooming, and day care facilities. Your dog will receive special treatment from one of the six groomers, they will be looked after by her caring staff when they stay overnight, and the doggie day play will socialize your baby and provide terrific exercise! Jill’s day play areas are covered by synthetic “Forever Lawn K9 Grass” which provides a softer surface than concrete for your dogs’ joints and it is cleaner than gravel or muddy grass. Dona always recommends to her clients that young dogs with growing bones and joints should exercise on soft surfaces. It also provides a soft, comfortable surface to nap on. During hot weather, dogs are kept indoors in the air-conditioned play areas and benefit from the state-of-the-art, sanitizing air-filtration system.

Dona Baker offers dog training sessions in your home, on-site, and group dog training exclusively at Jill’s Pet Gallery. From Puppy Kindergarten & Socialization training, free behavioral evaluations, Basic Obedience & Good Manners classes, Canine Good Citizen training and testing, therapy dog training, safety programs, to dog training lessons for kids, Dona has all the answers to your dog behavior questions and needs.

With 40 years experience, Dona uses positive-reinforcement techniques to enhance your dog’s behavior. I know this because she helped me with my dog, Boo’s behavioral issues. As it turned out, I was the one who needed to be trained. Dona gave me the tools needed to be a responsible dog owner. I used to think Boo was just crazy, but all he just needed was a little leadership, guidance, and consistency in his life.

Don’t take my word for it, visit Jill and Dona at Jill’s Pet Gallery and see for yourself by taking a tour and learning more!

Contact Dona Baker today at 252-672-5933 or visit her website: http://www.nautidawgs.com to learn more!

Please visit Jill’s Pet Gallery at 221 Kale Rd., New Bern, call them at 252-633-2560, or check out their website: http://www.jillspetgallery.com. Jill’s Pet Gallery is an owner-operated family business with deep roots in New Bern.

When visiting New Bern or leaving for a trip; bring your pets to Jill’s for boarding, grooming, day play and training. They are conveniently located right around the corner from the airport.

Boo’s exhausted after Dog Play at Jill’s Pet Gallery

Special thanks to Dona and Jill for taking the time to tell us more about your businesses. Thea’s dog, Charlie, and Boo had a blast during their day play today. They are exhausted!

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