>Stop Ticks in their Tracks!


New Bern, NC – After enjoying lots of time in the backwoods of Eastern, NC, I’ve never seen this sign until I was checking out the canoe launch at Creekside Park in New Bern.

This sign is a terrific reminder to all who venture  into the Great Outdoors! Check yourself often and remove ticks promptly. If you heed to this advice, you may prevent numerous diseases that ticks carry. Check yourself or do a “buddy check” when you come out of the woods.

A good preventative is “No-Bite-Me” ointment, soap, or other products by www.sallyeander.com. You can purchase them at Mitchell Hardware. Even if you have a “tick encounter” and remove this major pest, this product can help soothe the incredible itching that follows for a couple weeks.

The same goes for chiggers, mosquitoes, and other insects. This product is made up of many essential oils that deter these pests. This product is not harmful to children, pets, or adults and has a pleasant smell of cedar wood.

Please know; I’m not getting paid by Sallyeander or Mitchell Hardware to spread the word. I want other people to enjoy the Great Outdoors and not have to worry about these unwanted pests.

Wendy Card

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