Inside Scoop on Boat and Watercraft Rentals in New Bern, NC!

Stand Up Paddleboards

July 12, 2011 – After receiving a number of requests and website searches on New Bern Now for boat and water sports rentals in New Bern, we did our own little investigation and came up with the following information to help you meet your needs.

Merchant’s Grocery Canoe Rentals:

For a fun trip up or down Brice’s Creek, check out a canoe at Merchant’s! My sister and I did three years ago and had a blast! I wish I had a picture.

They are open seven days a week and are located at 1801 Brice’s Creek Rd. For more information, call 252-633-4875.

Stand Up Outfitters (SOU):
The newest water sport to come to New Bern is paddleboarding. Some people associate paddleboarding with surfing. I learned all about this interesting new sport today and it’s much more relaxing than surfing! Stay tuned for an article about Stand Up Outfitters within the next couple of days!

For those interested in renting a paddleboard, please visit Stand Up Outfitters at 244 Craven St. or give them a call at 252-514-0404.

We hope this information answers your questions and helps you enjoy the summer on the water in New Bern!

Please feel free to comment below or send us an email if you know of any more boat or watercraft rental companies in the area.

Thank you!
Wendy Card