>Epiphany Students – Leaping Into A Bright Future!

>Motivated high school students, grades 9 through 12, and their parents are invited to learn more about the exciting opportunities that abound in our school.

Learn more at our Open House on Monday, July 11 at 7:00pm:
The Epiphany School
2201 Henderson Ave., New Bern

Information about The Epiphany School:
The Epiphany School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory school that is rooted in the Christian faith. Founded in 2005, it opened its doors in August 2006 to 95 pioneering students in grades 6-10. Currently, the student body is comprised of motivated students from over ten municipalities in coastal North Carolina. Though our school families have diverse backgrounds and experiences, from physicians, to farmers, to Marines, all are united in sustaining a rigorous learning environment that develops the mind, body and spirit of our students. Epiphany School is a community of faith and scholarship that challenges students to uncover and expand their unique God-given gifts. It sends forth men and women who will wisely devote themselves to lifelong learning, faithful discipleship, courageous leadership and compassionate service throughout their life journeys.

Epiphany is home to a first-rate faculty of passionate scholars who inspire students with teachings from an academic curriculum that many universities consider the finest in the world. Like all schools, Epiphany embraces its responsibility to impart the knowledge and skills that are essential for living. It is a school distinguished by a rigorous and nurturing environment in which students evolve into the best versions of themselves. Epiphany provides a vast array of educational opportunities that challenge young people to embrace their gifts and share them confidently with others, and where students can participate in a full range of co-curricular activities including athletics, music, theater and art. Travel as education is an essential part of the school’s curriculum. By the time every student has graduated, he or she will have visited 26 countries on six continents to study everything in context from history of the Americas amidst Mayan ruins, Ancient Greece at the Parthenon, or ecology and the environment in the rain forests of Costa Rica.

Submitted by: Lisa Bisbee, Creative Producer, Impact Communications, New Bern, NC, 252-634-2370