Spotlight Shines on “Confidential Records Management, Inc.”!


We had the pleasure of touring Confidential Records Management Inc. (CRMI) with the Founder and President, Gail Bisbee!

Compassionate about healthcare and privacy issues, Gail has over 28 years experience as a Registered Nurse. In 1995, she decided to start a records management company in New Bern. As the demand for secure documents rose, she spearheaded another location in Greenville two years later. This year, Gail is proud to announce her new 137,000 plus square foot location in Rocky Mount, NC!

Before the tour began, I had no idea the complexity of the CRMI’s inner workings. I knew they stored confidential records for local businesses and individuals. I also understood CRMI converted hardcopy documents into digital files.

Until today’s tour, I didn’t comprehend the size of their secure storage areas until we walked into the New Bern warehouse. It was enormous! Then we learned it was their smallest storage facility, which stores 10,000 square feet of records! CRMI’s three temperature controlled warehouses store over 150,000 plus square feet of records.

Confidential Records Management, Inc. is a “One Source Solution” for records management in Eastern NC to include: New Bern, Greenville, and Rocky Mount. Clients can have their documents converted to microforms, document electronic images, data backup, stored in secure warehouses, and securely shredding.

Besides managing records, Gail travels the World and teaches businesses about the importance of confidential record management and teaches Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) consultation and training to numerous agencies across the US.

Gail Bisbee is a true leader and exceptional woman! How many people do you know who can run a large company, travel internationally as a privacy training consultant, take time out of her schedule as a photographer, and find time to serve her community of New Bern, NC?

Protect yourself and/or your business today by contacting Confidential Records Management, Inc. – “The Industry Leader in Professional Records & Information Management”!

Current Locations include:
New Bern Location: 2108 Old Cherry Point Rd., New Bern, NC 28564, Existing Client Service: 252-633-1348, New Client SALES: 866-637-4155, Fax: 252-636-2007

Greenville Location: 865 Rivit St., Greenville, NC 27834, Existing Client Service: 252-752-5200, New Client SALES: 866-637-4155, Fax: 252-752-5468

Rocky Mount Location: 2585 Eastern Ave., Rocky Mount, NC 27804, Existing Client Service: 252-451-1662, New Client SALES: 866-637-4155, Fax: 252-451-1626

For more information, please visit Confidential Records Management Inc. website:

Special thanks to Gail Bisbee and Thea Kincaid for a terrific interview, along with supporters: Lisa Bisbee and Laura Johnson.

Wendy Card