>Happy Father’s Day!


A Tribute to my Dad!

I thank you for:
– Teaching me how to change oil and check my vehicle for safety (although I take it to the local mechanic).
– Teaching me how to fish, be patient, and to look behind me when I cast (I learned the hard way after I hooked his arm).
– Driving me to swim practice and cheering for me at swim meets.
– Taking us to hockey and baseball games.
– Going to church with us every Sunday.
– Disciplining us with the silent treatment instead of using a belt (although I’m sure he was tempted).
– Taking us camping and teaching us to respect nature and wildlife.
– Eating with us at the dinner table every night.
– Helping me with my homework.
– Giving us chores to earn a weekly allowance so we could pay for “fun or cool things” vs. giving us everything we wanted.
– Providing good and sound advice.
– Being a kind, gentle man and providing for our family.
– Loving my Mom, together, they raised us as our parents and not as our friends.
– Loving us unconditionally.
– And most of all, believing in me!

These are only a few things of many that my Father has done. I’m very thankful to have such a wonderful Dad!

I wish all Dads a Happy Father’s Day. To those who have lost their Fathers, I hope you find peace reflecting on the good times you had with them.

Wendy Card

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