>There’s a New Art Venue in Town – Studio 323!


We had the pleasure of talking with New Bern Potter and Businessman, Jim Bisbee about his new endeavor, Studio 323!

Jim Bisbee has put a lot of hard work and time into restoring and converting the Old Baxter Building into a place for artists to gather, work, sell their artwork, teach others, and more!

Jim plans on preserving the original front of the building and will add a special touch to compliment this historic site that was built in 1892.

Artists from New Bern Artworks and Company will join Jim at Studio 323 and he’s currently recruiting new artists to join the team. The individual studios have high ceilings, large windows, sinks, Wi-Fi, and other amenities.

Once they open, you can even sign up for one of Jim’s pottery classes.

His team plans on having lots of events to give the artists exposure and a place where the public can have a good time and enjoy the arts!

Thank you, Jim, for taking the time to give us a behind the scenes snapshot of the new Studio 323! It was truly a pleasure to learn about what’s in store for the Old Baxter Building. Thea Kincaid did a fantastic job with the interview and it was good to see Lisa Bisbee there supporting her father!

For more information about this special project, please call Jim Bisbee at 252-671-0488 or visit his website: www.jimbisbee.com.

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Wendy Card