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Don’t Let the Sharks Eat You Alive!

Thea Kincaid and I met a wonderful and inspiring woman, Denise Ryan. As a motivational trainer and speaker, Denise helps businesses thrive during tough economic times.

After spending quality time with Denise, I can say that she’s a firm believer in helping people improve their quality of life. Professionally and personally, she coaches business owners, employees, and individuals on how to improve their lives.

Denise motivates and inspires a vast spectrum of people; from large corporations to small businesses. Her entertaining personality and positive energy is infectious! Denise specializes in communication, customer service, leadership, motivational, sales and marketing speaking.

If you show up for work, go thru the motions, and watch the clock until it’s time to go home, Denise may be able to help you change your outlook on life. If you’re an employer with a staff who can’t stand their job and you want to improve morale, I highly recommend calling Denise for some advice.

For more information about Denise and Fire Star Speaking, please visit their website: or call 919-788-0921.

Thanks, Denise and Thea, for the fun-filled day!

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Wendy Card