Colonial Capital Humane Society opens Outdoor Enclosure for the No-Kill Cat Shelter

Leslie Geiter, President of the Colonial Capital Humane Society (CCHS), tells us about upcoming events, adoption information, and introduces us to 67 cats at their no-kill cat shelter.

We were a bit overwhelmed by the adorable cats waiting for people to adopt them. Anytime I hear there are that many animals in need of loving homes, it brings me down, but today wasn’t the case.

After getting over the initial shock of so many cats, we toured their indoor and new enclosed outdoor living facility and were very impressed to see they have a nice home while they wait adoption. They seemed to be having a blast playing with toys, each other, and climbing on structures built by the wonderful volunteer force behind the CCHS.

The CCHS has many upcoming events to include the upcoming adopt-a-thon (Mar 12), Open House (Mar 26), BBQ Chicken fundraiser (Apr 15), Pet Expo booth (Apr 16), and Fur Ball (Apr 16) please click here  for detailed information.

The no-kill cat shelter is cleaned and maintained by dedicated and hard working volunteers. The cats are fed, given clean water, litter boxes changed, and the shelter is mopped twice a day. They are always looking for volunteers.

Please visit the CCHS website to see photos and descriptions of the pets and fill out an application for adoption. For more information, please visit their website, call them at 252-633-0146, or send them an email.

Thank you, Leslie, for all you and the CCHS volunteers do for our community’s furry friends! Great job, Thea Kincaid!

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Wendy Card