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Green Bear Fitness brings customized classes to YOU which include basic concepts in aerobics, Pilates, yoga, Zumba, health and wellness!

Green Bear Fitness will create customized fitness classes which incorporate concepts across multiple disciplines including aerobics, Pilates, and Zumba all while concentrating on health and wellness. Custom classes are taught at your location of choice and perfect for individuals or groups at your school, business, church, or home.

Our objectives are to instill in children and adults the critical need to make exercise and fitness a necessary part of your life to enhance wellness, happiness and satisfaction.

Green Bear Fitness will custom design classes and programs for all ages: preschool, elementary, youth, business men and women with tight schedules, and senior adults meeting together at churches, homes, and gyms.

Let Green Bear Fitness serve your fitness needs and develop a customized class or program to improve your flexibility, gain muscular strength and agility, steady your balance, reduce stress, improve coordination, and cardio respiratory endurance. All while having fun, getting fit and developing a fitness lifestyle of healthy living and wellness by taking care of your body inside and out.

Call Green Bear Fitness today and start your program of fitness and fun!

Submitted by: Mary Kathryn Harris, Owner of Green Bear Fitness, 252-675-8240